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McKeldin Mall
Pictured: McKeldin Mall, situated in the center of the University of Maryland



With over $300 million in sponsored research funding each year, Maryland is one of the research universities in the prestigious 61-member Association of American Universities. It is classified as a Research-I university by the Carnegie Foundation, by virtue of the amount of federal support received and the number of doctoral degrees awarded each year, sharing that honor with the top research universities in the country.

With the university’s close proximity to Washington, D.C., and nearby federal research agencies like the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, we are able to readily interact with government researchers and the policy-makers who guide federal healthcare and agricultural research initiatives. Accordingly, much of our research funding comes from federal sources.

Our prime location also allows us to collaborate with federal researchers in a variety of important scientific areas, including healthcare and agriculture. Our faculty researchers also work with the state of Maryland on pressing matters such as the health of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, as well as identifying and helping eradicate serious diseases like avian influenza that can harm the state’s important poultry industry.

Private funding is also important to our research programs, with many large corporations using our expertise to design and build better products for consumers as well as industry.

On average, our faculty bring in $226,000 apiece in research funds each year.


  • 4 Nobel Prize winners among University faculty (3 current)
  • 2 Nobel Prize winners among alumni
  • 6 Pulitzer Prize winners
  • 40 Members of national academies and scores of Fulbright scholars
  • 1,250-acre campus
  • 127 undergraduate majors
  • 112 graduate programs
  • 133 countries of origin (students)
  • 3,674 faculty members
  • 3 million+ library books
  • 35,102 students


  • 30 programs in the Top 10
  • 55 programs in the Top 15
  • 91 programs in the Top 25

We are the only public research university on the East Coast with programs in computer science, mathematics, physical science and engineering ranked in the top 20.

Asian Diversity

Doctorate Degrees

  • Total Asian American degrees, No. 26
  • Asian American Education, No. 6
  • Asian American Engineering, No. 30
  • Total Asian American Mathematics, No. 1

Master's Degrees

  • Asian American Master's, No. 47
  • Asian American Business, No. 44
  • Asian American English Language & Literature/Letters, No. 17

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Asian American Degrees, No. 18, 877
  • Asian American Agriculture, Agriculture Operations and Related Sciences, No. 11
  • Asian American Area, Culture & Gender Studies, No. 39
  • Asian American Biological and Biomedical Sciences, No. 15
  • Asian American Business, Management, Marketing & Related Support Services, No. 20
  • Asian American Computer and Information Sciences and Support Service, No. 7
  • Asian American Education, No. 7
  • Asian American Engineering, No. 16
  • Asian American English Language, Literature/Letters, No. 30
  • Asian American Mathematics and Statistics, No. 27
  • Asian American Psychology, No. 34
  • Asian American Social Sciences, No. 10
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